League Rules

1 All Member Clubs should be affiliated to the Worcestershire Cricket Board

2 It is the responsibility of each Member Club to ensure that its policies regarding its playing members who are under the age of 18 are in accordance with the ECB policy entitled ‘Safe Hands – Welfare of Young People in Cricket.’

Registration Rules

1 All players must be bona-fide members of their club.

2 A player may move clubs during the season. However any move has to be sanctioned by the League Executive Committee. The Club to which the player wishes to move should apply in writing to the Chairman, enclosing written authority from the club he wishes to leave. Provided that all dues are paid to this Club by the player concerned, this permission shall not be reasonably withheld. No movement of players shall be sanctioned after 30th June.

3 ECB Category 2 and 3 Players, and players recruited by Clubs specifically to play in the First XI’s of their representative Saturday Competions, may play only in the First XI Competition.

4 Each Club will be entitled to play a maximum of two ECB Category 3 players in a match in any one season.

5. No player shall play in the season-ending First XI play-off final unless he has played at least half of his club's matches in the First XI competition during that season, unless given prior permission by the League Executive committee.

Playing Rules

1 Each side shall receive 40 overs.

2 The result of the game shall be a win, a loss, a tie or the game shall be abandoned due to the weather (see Rule 17).

3 A 30 yard circle will operate throughout the game in which four fielders plus the wicket keeper and bowler must be inside at the instant of delivery of the ball.

4 In an uninterrupted match the tea interval will take place between the innings and shall be of 20 minutes duration.

5 In the event of ground, weather or light conditions delaying the start or interrupting the first innings, the overs shall be divided so that each side receives the same number. The calculation of the number of overs still to be bowled shall be based on one over for
every full three and a half minutes of the time remaining to 8.00 pm. In these interrupted games and with the agreement of both captains, the interval may be taken earlier.

6 There shall only be ten minutes between the innings if the tea interval has already been taken (see Rule 10).

7 No more than eight overs may be bowled by any player in any game.

8 In a delayed start match, five bowlers must still be used in one innings and their allocation of overs proportionately reduced. In a match where the innings of either or both sides is reduced after the start, the maximum number of overs per bowler shall remain as allocated at the start of the match.

9. Normal start time for all League games to be 2.00 pm. In a weather delayed game, play must start by 5.00 pm.

10 The side batting first must receive a minimum of 20 overs (unless bowled out in less) or the game is deemed abandoned.

11 In the event of the ground, weather or light conditions interrupting play in the second innings, one over will be deducted for every three and a half minutes spent off the field. The result of the match will then be decided by the faster scoring rate, provided the side batting second has received 20 overs or more. If they cannot receive 20 overs by 8.00 pm and do not win or lose the game in fewer than 20 overs it shall be deemed abandoned.

12 lf both sides have scored the same number of runs off their allocated overs regardless of wickets lost, the game is tied.

13 Points awarded for results of both first and second eleven games Win 6, Tie 3, Abandoned 1, Lose 0.

14 Covering of pitches is permissible at any time.

15 The final decision on the ground fitness to be made by the home person responsible for the ground.

16 Non-turf pitches to be used if both captains agree and provided that the grass is unfit.

17 Short-pitched deliveries rising over the batsman’s shoulder height will be limited to one per over. Further deliveries of this nature during any over will be adjudged a no-ball.

18 Two cricket balls of similar/identical condition must be offered to the away captain by the home captain before the toss takes place.

19 The toss should take place 15 minutes before the specified commencement time. Should a team not have EIGHT players to take the field, that toss shall be forfeited. Delayed rules will apply where necessary. All sides are expected to bowl at an
average rate of 17 overs per hour and captains and umpires are asked to take every possible step to ensure that this rate is achieved.

20 The League encourages the following of the E.C.B. guidelines in respect of the wearing of helmets by players under the age of 18.

21 All Clubs are expected to abide by the E.C.B. Fast Bowling Directives for Young Cricketers, as follows.

A Fast Bowler is defined as a Bowler to whom a Wicket Keeper in the same age group would in normal circumstances stand back to take the ball.

Age Max Overs per Spell Max Overs per match
U14 & 15
U16 & U17
U18 & U19

Having completed a spell, a bowler cannot bowl again, from either end, until the equivalent number of overs to the length of his spell have been bowled from the same end.

22 Second XI’s must wherever possible field at least five players under the age of 17 (as at September 1st of the previous season).

Administrative Rules

1 Each Member Club shall pay an Annual Subscription, based on the number of teams it enters in the League, at the rate to be agreed at the A.G.M. Clubs will be invoiced and the Subscription shall be paid by no later than May 1st together with any other outstanding monies owed to the League or other member clubs.

2 No points will be awarded to any club whose debts, referred to in Rule 1, remain outstanding until those debts have been cleared.

2a Member clubs must send a delegate to each and every meeting of the League. Each non-attendance will result in a £25 fine for the offending club. (see inside back cover for dates).

3 The maximum charge to be made for tea for the eleven players of the away team, plus the scorer and umpire, is £30.

4 All Clubs are expected to make every effort to fulfil their fixtures. A Club conceding a fixture, whether it be home or away, after 10.00 p.m on the Wednesday evening before the Sunday of the due fixture, will pay its due Opponent Club the sum of £40. This
payment is to be made within 14 days of the date of the conceded fixture.

As well as notifying the Opposing Club, the Conceding Club must notify at the same time the League Chairman by e-mail (preferably) or by telephone. When a Club concedes a fixture, it forfeits the right to play the remaining fixture at home.

5 Where a Club has to cancel a fixture because of its involvement in either of the two National Club Knockout Competitions, it is the First XI fixture that is considered to be cancelled.

6 It is against the spirit of the League that, when a First XI fixture is cancelled, First XI players are then switched into the Second XI to strengthen it. One of the purposes of the Second XI Competition is to encourage the development of Under 13’s to Under 17’s and
they must not be out of their depth.

7 When adverse weather occurs, Clubs are to make every effort to stage a match. Matches should be cancelled only prior to the appointed start time if there is no possibility of staging a match by reducing the number of overs to be bowled.

8 Cancelled matches which are not due to ground conditions and failure to fulfil matches will lead to the non-offending club being given 6 points which are appropriate for a win.

9 If a fixture is cancelled, for whatever reason, it cannot be rescheduled without the permission of the Executive Committee.

10 In the event of the 2nd XI Competition being tied between two teams, the team taking the most number of wickets during the season shall be judged the winner. In the event of this still being equal each will share the trophy for the year. In the Ist XI competition the same criteria shall apply to determine which team goes through from the regionalised divisions to the play-off final.

11 If a Club withdraws a team from one of the Competitions after the Competition has started, then all of the matches involving that team will be declared void, with no points being awarded to any of the teams involved, and the League Tables will be recalculated

12 The Executive Committee will be comprised of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer, all of whom are appointed ex-officio, and one other member of the General Committee, who will be elected by a simple majority of the members of the General Committee present at the A.G.M.

13 Results, including concessions and abandonments, must be submitted to the League’s play-cricket.com website by 10pm on the Monday following the match. Both clubs to enter concessions and abandonments. A penalty of 3 points deduction will be incurred for every failure to meet this deadline.

14 Any rule changes proposed by clubs must be submitted to the Executive Committee by no later than 28 days before the date of the AGM.

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